Electric Underfloor Heating Repairs

Underfloor heating is fantastic when it is working. You barely even notice it is operational, but it is one of the best ways of keeping your home warm. You can even walk barefoot without feeling a cold floor. When underfloor heating goes wrong, however, it requires experience and knowledge to properly repair. At Brite Sparx Electrical, we have this skill and knowledge, so we can help if you need electric underfloor heating repairs.

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What We Do

We offer electric underfloor heating repairs for all types of underfloor heating, including all makes and models. We can also repair heating under carpet, concrete, or tiles. Whatever problem you are having, we’ll get it resolved to make your heating work properly again.

Our process starts by identifying the cause of the fault. This is a crucial step to ensure you don’t get recurring problems with your underfloor heating. However, it’s not an easy process as underfloor heating is not visible. We have the expertise and equipment to find the cause of the fault and find it quickly.

We’ll then carry out the necessary repairs. Our repair services can include relaying any flooring that needs to be lifted to complete the repair.

We can also help if you need thermostat servicing and repair. We repair all major brands of thermostat, and we can provide replacements if required. You can also call us if you need thermostat programming services. Get in touch today.

General Heating Repairs

We can help with whatever type of electrical heater or heating system you have in your home. Our electricians are familiar with all major makes and models. We’ll respond quickly to your call, too, as we know the importance of having working heating in your home, particularly in colder months.

Our services include creating the lighting design alongside you to ensure it meets your expectations. We’ll then supply all the materials, and we will complete the installation work. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements.

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