Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Lighting to LED

Considering changing your North Shore home lighting? No job too big or small.

June 2021

Patrick & the Brite Sparx team receive numerous call outs from North Shore residents for a variety of issues. Below are the top 5 most common call out reasons that we can assist with.

#1 - You’ll Save Money

LED lights are far more energy efficient than incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lights, so overall cost less to run. They also last longer, so will lower your maintenance costs too.

#2 - Longer Lasting Lights

LED lights can last for up to 60,000 hours. Standard incandescent bulbs last for only around 1000 hours, and fluorescent bulbs last for around 8,000 hours, so this one is a no brainer.

#3 - Greater Durability

LED lights do not have a filament or glass enclosure, which makes them more resistant to vibrations or heavy impacts, unlike other bulbs which wouldn’t be able to take a minor bump or drop.

#4 - Helping the Environment

LEDs are highly efficient which reduces our carbon footprint. They also last far longer than other bulbs, reducing the amount of bulbs going into landfill. Finally, they are free of mercury and other hazardous materials.

#5 - Higher-Quality Lighting

Compared to incandescent lights, LED light bulbs provide a noticeable difference. They can give your space an instantly more polished and professionanal appearance.

No matter where you are on the North Shore, get in touch with Patrick today for a no obligation quote to upgrade your lighting on 0800 420 099

by Patrick Kneller