A day in the life of a Brite Sparx Electrician

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May 2019

Two days are never the same, most weekdays I start at 6.00am & have around 30 minutes to make sure Andy’s (my number one sparky) day is well organised, I guestimate how long each of his jobs are going to take & apart from job 1 where we try very hard to arrive at 7.30am on the dot,the rest of the day our customers are given a two hour arrival window & most of the time this works pretty well, Andy reports to me every time he completes a job so if I can see he is running out of time then I will either do one of his jobs my self or it may be a situation where we have to re-schedule, we don’t like to have to do this but sometimes its unavoidable.

Let’s look at Monday of last week:

Job 1, Install Optical cable for a fibre installation at a local home.

Job 2, Swap out 3 x 10 amp circuit breakers to 16 amp circuit breakers on a switch board we recently upgraded, the 16 amp breakers were out of stock at the time of the install.

Job 3, Replace 1 x faulty sensor light plus fit a new lamp to a garage door opener at a local home.

Job 4, Replace 2 x faulty halogen lights above a bed with recessed led fittings.

Job 5, Replace the lamp in the entry light to a medical centre & check the sensor operation.

Job 6, Swap out 5 x fluorescent ceiling buttons with led fittings at a local school.

Job 7, swap out a light fitting over a vanity in an ensuite bathroom.

I should stress this was a particularly busy day but somehow Andy managed to get each job within the allotted time period.

Its easy to see how a day’s work can very quickly get out of hand if one or two jobs take 20 to 30 minutes longer than expected, that is where I step in, because my specialty is small repair jobs my day is very loosely booked, often doing many repair jobs the same day that they are called in, so if Andy is getting behind I can do one or two of his jobs for him to ease the pressure.

As you can see, in any given day, the work that an electrician carries out can be quite varied. When you think about your North Shore home, if you have any additions you'd like or just any general questions or concerns, get in touch with Patrick for a friendly chat. 027 497 6583

by Patrick Kneller